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TTARS coordinates several activities related to Amateur Radio in Trinidad and Tobago on most popular amateur radio bands, including HF bands and the two meter band.

TTARS holds an annual emergency exercise, or Field Day which may or may not coincide with the IARU Region 2 field day. Local radio amateurs operate from a sponsored campsite, usually a beach house in a remote region in the North East of Trinidad called Toco and talk to other hams worldwide.

TTARS operates three FM repeaters on the two meter VHF amateur band. Trinidad is covered by two repeaters. One of them is located on the Northern mountain range and its operating frequency is 147.930 MHz with a negative shift of 600 kHz and covers most of the island. However, coverage is best in the Northern part of the island. Sometimes, hams from other Caribbean Islands such as Grenada and St. Vincent are able to talk to hams in Trinidad via this repeater. This repeater is the most heavily used by local hams. The second repeater in Trinidad is located in the Central Range and operates on 146.940 MHz with a negative shift of 600 kHz. It covers most of the island but its coverage is best in Central and South Trinidad. There is a third repeater in Tobago on 147.76 MHz, also with a negative shift of 600kHz. This repeater covers Tobago and North East Trinidad. These repeaters are available for use in emergencies as listed by the U.S. Navy.

TTARS runs two club nets. The first net is the Sunday night 2 meter net held on the 146.94 MHz repeater on Sunday nights at 7:59PM local time or 2359 UTC. The second net is the Hummingbird net and is held on 7.159 MHz LSB in the 40 meter band on Sunday mornings at 9AM local time or 1300 UTC. This net also runs daily on the same frequency 7.159 Mhz LSB at 04:00 PM local time or 2000 UTC.

The local Boy Scouts movement, in conjunction with TTARS participates in the worldwide annual Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) where scouts are given the opportunity to talk to Scouts in other parts of the world via amateur radio.

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